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Barefoot Girl Next Door

Barefoot Girl Next Door is an online photo album, gallery and gift shop featuring modeling and photography shot on location in Miami, Florida USA.

The collection currently showcases well over 100 exclusive images shot back in November and December of 2016.

What does “girl next door” mean ?

The phrase “girl next door” is a term used to describe a certain type of female.

The term often connotes a certain ordinary quality that usually transforms from unremarkable to idealistic.

The phrase dates back to the 1920's or earlier, when it was used to describe the type of friendly, pleasant woman who would make an excellent girlfriend or wife.

It usually denotes a young woman, neither glamorous nor plain, who appeals to classic or traditional gender norms with the allure of natural beauty, purity, simplicity and charm.

An element of genuineness is implied by describing someone as the “girl next door”, distinguishing her from other girls who might be seen as high-maintenance or materialistic.

A distinct lack of flashiness is key to identifying a “girl next door” in contemporary culture, as well as honesty and a sense of humor.

The typical “girl next door” is generally known for her sweetness and modesty more than her beauty.

She usually wears natural-looking makeup and dresses in clothes that make her appear wholesome or conservative.

The classic “girl next door” is the stereotypical “All American” girl.

The “girl next door” look is often defined as cute and not necessarily sexy.

Breaking down the phrase “girl next door” into it's component parts reveals the following:

The word “girl” describes a female in her younger years, which gives the impression that she is unmarried.

The term “next door” places that young female readily within reach and accessible.

In those days, before advances in technology yielded the internet, cell phones, digital photos, and social media, innocense was a quality that was much more widespread.

But why barefoot? Well, because back in the days before womens equality, women were expected to stay home and take care of the house and the children, while the men went out to work.

And, since there just wasn't much reason for women to wear shoes in the house, they didn't.

Furthermore, being barefoot generally implies a certain vulnerability, even if only to the elements, and a woman's vulnerability was often alluring to the men of that era.

Many decades have passed since those times and women have since become outstanding doctors, lawyers, scientists, and astronauts.

Accordingly, the subliminal vulnerability that women of that era had evades most of those who are not from that era.

Barefoot Girl Next Door pays tribute to the past by combining those once highly sought after qualities with modeling and photography.

Barefoot Girl Next Door offers a unique collection of photos that exemplify the quintessential girl-next-door.

The collection features a variety of traditional shots like those in "the pose".

The collection also includes an equal sampling of close-up shots focusing on toes, foot jewelry, sandals and bare soles.

All images were shot on location in Miami, Florida USA.

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